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I've just uploaded Crescent Carnival, by Francis
Parkinson Keyes. It was very well scanned by a
bookshare volunteer. The only errors were missing
words in sentences which, of course, could not be
found unless one was reading the book. There were
practically no scannos, and all pages were there.

This is a historical novel set in New Orleans and on a
plantation in a Louisiana parish. Despite the somewhat
old-fashioned style of writing and quaint vocabulary,
the sensitive reader will become involved with the
characters. Part II left me saddened and with a lump
in my throat that lasted all the way through Part III.

Francis Parkinson Keyes was a very popular writer in
her time. The book is thoroughly researched and worth
reading for the history and culture and social mores.
The story and relationships of individuals in the two
families is interesting and well-told, but I found the
dialogue, especially in the middle section,
awkward--but maybe that's the way people and children
spoke in that time and place.


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