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All right!.  That hadn't occurred to me.  Thanks.

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  I never heard any rule about that. While I definitely would not include it 
within the book, I really don't see why you couldn't use it for the long 
synopsis on the submission form if you wanted to. I mean, it's just telling 
what the book is about, so it's going to pretty much be the same thing no 
matter which edition it's from, right? Unless it specifically says that it 
contains revised text, or somehow indicates in some way that it's different 
from other editions, I don't see the problem. But I don't think it would be 
appropriate to put it in the actual file of the book.


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    We should not use the paperback cover blurb for either another paperback 
edition or a hardcover edition of the same title.  Is that right?
    Is there a resource for cover info for any edition of a book?
    (Just hoping.)

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