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Thanks Jake,

Yes I had read the volunteer guide and found this - but then I remember
front cover, back cover, flaps, etc. all from conversations on the
bksvol-discuss... so I wondered if the book covers are part of core
content too, which they are apparently not!


I gave up on trying to untangle the 14 page 2 column index. As someone
pointed out, with an electronic book, you can more easily do a "find"
command and search the book itself. It was a fabulous book, by the way -
you computer-engineer types would love it (I'm guessing) - or maybe it's
just me who loves reading about quantum stuff. Well-written, really
well-notated (I did go through the endnotes carefully) - a super read.
But no organized index on this one.





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Hi Devorah,


Core content is somewhat of a legacy term; I don't think you'll find it
in the Volunteer Manual, but I could be wrong. Section 3.1.6 discusses
what's necessary for a book to be considered complete. I've excerpted
the relevant lists here.


The following material is required for a book to be considered complete:

*       Title/author page 
*       Copyright page 
*       Main text of the book 

The following material is not required but should be included whenever

*       List of books written by the author(s) 
*       Dedication 
*       Acknowledgments 
*       Table of Contents 
*       Appendices 
*       Glossaries 

The following are examples of materials that are not required:

*       Book jacket 
*       Book cover 
*       Summaries of books for a book's series 
*       Excerpts from upcoming or previous books written by the
*       Indices 




Jake Brownell

QA Engineer, Bookshare.org



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        Thank you for all your responses to my Yikes email about the
extensive index to this book I've been validating. Would you please
explain what is meant by "core content"? Is this something I have missed
in reading the volunteer manual? Where can I find information about it. 






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