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Dear Carrie,

Rather than to guess, get it wrong and then ask, I decided to check in with the 
list. Thanks for your help. I couldn't ask for a better answer. It makes my job 

Always with love,


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  Hi Lissi,

  Please ignore the illustrations copyright and just use the text copyright 
information.  After all, the illustrations are gone from the book when it's put 
into the collection.  (Also ignore the introduction copyright, if one exists.)  
So the copyright holder will be the author's name, in your example.

  HTH, Carrie

  Estelnalissi <airadil@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    Dear Volunteers,
    What do I do when there are 2 copyrights listed in a book on 2 separate 
lines? One is, "Text Copyright "...by the author. The Other is "Illustrations 
Copyright," ...by the artist, a different person. They are the same year. 
    Do I write, Copyright 2004 Text by YYY Illustrations by ZZZ? Any 
punctuation tips? Will that much information fit in the little box in the 
uploading form?
    Gustavo approved 2 of my validations today, a long book and a tiny one, so 
I hope to return the favor by uploading 2 books this weekend. One is uploaded 
and another will be as soon as I know I'll be stating the copyright correctly. 
You'll know I'm not bragging when I admit that both are short children's books, 
but their Irish so I think they are big deals...wait...All books are big deals! 
    Always With Love,

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