[bksvol-discuss] Copyright and Mr Jim and Ms Lisa go to Washington

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I always skim the subjects in the digest of the list, and when there is
a subject like "Copyright," I make sure to read the entire thread.  

I just wanted to explicitly say thank you to our volunteer community for
approaching issues like this with intelligence and care.  I am proud
about what this community has accomplished, and am looking forward to
more great work as we expand Bookshare.org to serve tens and hundreds of
thousands of people.  

Lisa Friendly and I just spent the week in Washington, DC, meeting with
the Department of Education, many disability professionals at the NCTI
conference, lobbyists, Capitol Hill staff, the Association of American
Publishers, the NFB and our new partners on the Pacific island of Guam.
Right now I'm on the plane back to San Francisco.  It was a very
successful week.  

We are relatively new to Washington: it's been ten years since I last
played a significant role in DC, as one of the main authors of the
Section 508 federal advisory committee report.  The huge award we
received from the Department of Education has really shaken things up in
the special education field in DC, because we're simply not known in the
halls of power.  It's an incredible opportunity to revolutionize access
to print for people with disabilities.  And, knowing the quality and
commitment of our staff-and-volunteer team, I'm sure we're going to

Thank you for helping make this possible.  


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