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Converting Html booksUse an html merger to merge all the disparate html files 
and then save as text in IE or your favourite browser. I can provide you with a 
merger, if you can't find a good one on google.
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  Hi, I have a question and I'm thinking you computer nerds might be able to 
help me. Here's the story: I downloaded a collection of stories by Mercedes 
Lackey called Fiddler Fair from webscriptions.net which is affiliated with Baen 
books. When I downloaded the book, I chose to do it in HTML format because I 
think my BrailleNote mPower can deal with stuff in that format or at least I 
think it can. The problem is that when I enter the book, there are a lot of 
files, each story being in its own file and there's a connection to Internet 
Explorer in order for me to read them. What I'm wondering is if there's a way 
to convert the book to plain text so I can select those parts the BrailleNote 
will recognize, and do either a copy-and-paste or a cut-and-paste job on it. I 
have a friend who tells me not to bother, but just read the thing on the 
computer. Any advice? Keep in mind that I know nothing about converting texts 
into various formats, so I don't know how to go about it. Also, is there some 
computer program I need to get that will allow me to convert files and I hope 
this program will be easy to use and very accessible. Perplexed, Kim Friedman.  


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