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    I like your suggestion of noting the beginning and end of boxes. I may
try something similar, the next time I scan a book with lots of annoying

    I wonder if it would also be helpful to put a line of dashes or
something, above and below each box, to set it off from the rest of the
text. I believe something like that was done with braille textbooks, when I
was in school way back when (Smile).


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> I use
> "Box begin"
> Box End.  and that way people know it is separated.  And is alas something
> the reader of said book gets to deal with.  As in the print edition the
> sighted person would look at the right side for the information.
> "box" or "caption" or "illustration" or "description" are o.k. things to
> to a book, as they tell about information that the general reader would
> just by looking at the formatting of the book.
> Besides they are things that NLS and RFB and D put into their books.
> Just my two cents worth.
> You could label them "Box 1, and number the instructions for different
> topics.
> Just a thought, but if it is formatted all the rest of the way, chalk it
> to textbooks and if it is too hard to fix, don't.
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