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You know you don't have to twist my arm for that. Lol I've always wanted to
workk at the library of palanthis. Lol 



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Dear Volunteers:


As you know I am coordinating the Dragonlance campaign.  Volunteers are busy
at work scanning and proofing.  In order to reward their hard work, it's my
pleasure to announce the "Scribe of Astinus" contest.  This contest will run
from today Feburary 4 until May 1st 2011.


There will be 2 categories: Huma's Lance will be awarded to the knight who
scans the most books, The wizard who proofs the most books will be awarded
the Staff of Magius.  


Each winner will also be awarded 2 book credits at the end of the contest.
(That's $5.00! 10% of an annual subscription!)


So volunteers, let's fasten our armor, ready our spells and help Astinus
complete the histories of Krynn.


If you need suggestions on what books to scan. Don't hesitate to email me at



Happy scanning and prooffing.


Silvara AKA Grace





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