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Okay, I am the submitter of Malcolm X, the Last Speeches and it is 
duplicated for a specific reason. The book was proofread and sent back to the 
checkout list with a request for a specific correction and with a hold on it 
the proofreader. After a good long time had passed without any sign that the 
proofreader was inclined to take it back I just uploaded it again to give 
someone else a crack at it. I figured that the one with the hold would be 
there if that proofreader wanted to try it again and if not then it would still 
be available for someone else. If the rest of you do not think that is the 
way to handle such a situation then let's discuss what to do if Carrie 
returns a book for more editing with a hold on it and the person for whom it is 
being held does not take it back.

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[bksvol-discuss] Concerning, "The Last Speeches"... on the checkout list   
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Ok, hope I'm not being too proactive. I see that "Malcom X: the Last 
Speeches" is near the top of the Checkout list and yet, almost at the 
of the list the same book is there with a hold for Melissa. In this 
scenario, someone could easily accidentally check it out not knowing there 
is a hold.

At the same time, since it is so far down on the list with the hold, from 
back in April, I am not sure that it would be right to eliminate the most 
recent one.


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