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  • Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 00:12:51 -0800 (PST)

AT LAST I've finished validating and have uploaded
Rudyard Kipling: Complete Verse?or Complete Verse:
Definitive Edition by Rudyard Kipling?or just Complete
Verse. I've found it different ways in different
places and have given Gustavo all the choices. Mine,
based on the online library catalogs, is just Complete
     I didn't realize until just before I uploaded it
that it's BSO--that a Good copy is already in the
collection. At the submitter's request, I formatted it
so it could be read as poetry is supposed to be read.
I also put some pages that were out of order in
correct order and added 12 pages that were missing. If
you've download the one in the collection I suggest
that you replace it with this copy when Gustavo puts
it in. I think the title should be Complete Verse but
it might be easier to find it by looking for Kipling.

There are 544 works (mostly poems, a couple of dramas)
in 836 pages not counting prefatory material and
indices. Some are funny, some are sad; some
comprehensible, some are, to me, incomprehensible.
Some, if you google to learn more about places and
battles about which he writes, are educational?and a
very few are ones those of us who are old enough
learned in school.


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