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  • Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 15:25:55 -0600

Hi, Carrie.  All the books I have downloaded have at least a title, copyright 
holder, and copyright date, so at least I don't have any that need these 
things.  They just don't have full details about the copyright holder's 
address, or the All Rights Reserved part.  They don't have contents or begin 
with a page number.  I had always thought that we were to scan a book cover to 
cover so that it would be complete.  

Linda Adams

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  Hi Linda,

  Which books begin immediately with the story?  If there's no title page or 
copyright info, they shouldn't be in the collection. I'd like to check to make 
sure that there's a title and copyright info somewhere in the book. (There are 
some Spanish books that have copyright info at the back, but they do have a 
title page.)

  Thanks!  Carrie

  Linda Adams <ladams@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    I am curious as to why I have downloaded some Bookshare books that begin 
immediately with the story without any preliminary or post-story information, 
while others have had the contents, copyright information, other books by that 
author and publisher, acknowledgements, and sections about the author.  I 
personally enjoy seeing all of the book's information, especially if I like the 
author or have enjoyed the book's main content.  

    Linda Adams

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