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                come to read how our book ends Friday, December 21 

    Hello Everyone,
I have been telling you about our book Before You Know Kindness as it has
unfolded. Although there will be more books to follow, I would just hate to
have you miss the end of this one. If you can manage during this busy season
to get some reading in to your already busy day, this is a can't miss book.
As in many novels, the characters are brought together for the grand finale,
and yes, in some way, everything will be resolved. It is so much fun getting
to the how, though.
Of course Spencer will never have the use of his arm again, and he may never
have the ability to participate in all the outdoor sports he once loved, but
that's just part of what needs to be resolved. If you were in this
situation, what would you do? Would you forgive the person who caused the
injury, put your favorite cause you'd dedicated yourself to before family
for years aside for the sake of family unity? What would constitute truly
giving up?  Are there other options Chris Bohjalian has in his bag of plot
twists and tricks?
I hope you will be there to find out. Will the court case ever come off?
Will the daughters involved bring the parents together once again? Join us
Friday, December 21, to find out the answers to these questions. You will
find us in the Friends  of Bookshare In Between The Bookends Room at 11 A.M
pacific, noon Mountain  1 P.M. Central and 2 eastern time. 
You can join us at  the link below.

I can be contacted with any questions or observations at 
Bonnie Blose,
bookmaven@xxxxxxxxxxx hope to see you there.

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