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  • Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 23:39:30 -0500

I got approvals for several tonight too, and three yesterday so they must be 
working overtime.

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    I know it's frustrating, but my guess is that the staff is doing what
they can with the resources they have. Someone must be putting in some work
this weekend, because I got a notice this evening that a book, which has
been awaiting approval for two months, has now been accepted. I want to say
a big thank-you to whoever is doing all that extra work!


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> Hi Shelley.  I'm really sorry to dampen your enthusiasm, but it isn't
> really the scanners, submitters and validators.  Really the credit belongs
> to the staff for finally clearing out their backlog.  Some of those books
> were on the step 1 page since May 2004 or longer.  I did some of the
> old ones.  Really, it isn't that 1,000 titles all got added at once, it's
> that they have been sitting in the queue for months.  If they were more
> consistent and did a few at a time, we would still be at the same number
> but we would have got there gradually instead of all at once.  Sorry, but
> that's the reality.  How many submitters are frustrated that their books
> are finally now moving through the system?  I know I've been frustrated as
> a validator when the Christmas book I approved a few days before Christmas
> and put in the comments that it is a holiday book didn't show up until
> month.  As Cindy said, just in time for Christmas.  Yeah right.  I
> understand their concentration on Spanish books, but I hope that doesn't
> take away too much of their time since there are still many English
> speakers out there.
> At 10:19 AM 3/20/2005 -0500, you wrote:
> >I was looking at the counter and wow, look how many are up there.  Can
> >believe that in less than three months, we have put up over 1000 titles?
> >
> >That is astounding when you think of it.  That 25,000 really isn't that
> >off, not really, smile.
> >
> >Great job everyone who scans, validates, and reads and keeps our system
> >growing.

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