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You sure did get a great scan though, Jamie.  I'm enjoying validating it.  I 
had twoo mischievous boys soo maybe that is why I'm enjoying Sophy and 
Audra.  (smile)

Sue S.

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Sue how funny that you like Audra and Sophy! They are mischievious. I 
actually picked up Code Name: Baby at Goodwill today for 99 cents although I 
keep saying I'm not going to buy any more books.

I can scan that if someone else doesn't already have it or is working on it. 
But I won't read it until I've read Code Name: Princess. I don't have that 
book in my hands right now so if someone else has or wants to get Princess, 
go ahead. I'll work on Baby tonight maybe.

They are really long books. It took me all week to scan Nanny. It's over 400 
pages long.

Jamie in Michigan
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