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Hi Shelley,

I was the one who put it on. There is a gap if you download the book.
Chapter 6 is given and later Chapter 13. I think it is possible for chapter
headings to be missing, but the subject matter jumps. At least I can tell
you that is where the missing chapters are.

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> I was looking at the unofficial bookshare scanning page, and came across
> of my books on the needs a rescan page.
> Am a bit confused as I edited that book before submitting and it was all
> there when I submitted it.  I will be glad to resubmit, to replace the one
> in the collection that is "missing chapters"  smile.
> But am very confused how that happened, as I read the book thoroughly
> submitting and it didn't have anything missing.
> Let me know, O.K., what is going on with
> Clear and Present Danger
> By Baynard Kendrick
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