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Hi all,

I think that The Bard of Avon may have the last word to say on Evan's behavior. Does this seem to fit the bill?

ORLANDO I am he that is so love-shaked: I pray you tell me
       your remedy.

ROSALIND        There is none of my uncle's marks upon you: he
       taught me how to know a man in love; in which cage
       of rushes I am sure you are not prisoner.

ORLANDO What were his marks?

ROSALIND        A lean cheek, which you have not, a blue eye and
       sunken, which you have not, an unquestionable
       spirit, which you have not, a beard neglected,
       which you have not; but I pardon you for that, for
       simply your having in beard is a younger brother's
       revenue: then your hose should be ungartered, your
       bonnet unbanded, your sleeve unbuttoned, your shoe
       untied and every thing about you demonstrating a
       careless desolation; but you are no such man; you
       are rather point-device in your accoutrements as
       loving yourself than seeming the lover of any other.

ORLANDO Fair youth, I would I could make thee believe I love.

WS "As You Like It"

Oh, this is such fun!

Ann P.

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