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I'll file this away and work on this. Poke me in a couple weeks if I
haven't made progress. 


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Jesse never posted such a list so far as I can recall. He posted the
books awaiting validation and the books awaiting approval, same list
that Marissa posts periodically. But I've never seen a back dated new
books list 
of the sort you want, although I think it would be a very cool thing to
be able to get, something the site should be able to generate if you
could just go and ask for books posted between x and y dates. Or, if
they would 
just take the limit of 100 books off the new listing, so that you could
keep hitting enter and see the previous 50 titles. I understand how you
feel with regard to missing those titles. If you go out of town or are
away from your pc for a while, or if you just forget to check, and its
been a busy validation period, you don't have an efficient way of
knowing what you missed. I hope that this could be added to the list of 
improvements for the service, that is, make a way that people can access
listings of new books posted between specified dates, or make it
possible for the present system to keep showing the previous 50 titles,
than limiting us to just the 100 most recent entries. 

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