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I wish I had come to this message before trying to explain a hologram myself. This did a better job. A good question, though, is how is a hologram created. I do recall reading something about that in the past and it has something to do with taking a picture with multiple cameras or with one camera which is moved around an object. Still not knowing how it is done that does make some sense if we are talking about a holographic projection, but how do they put it on a flat piece of paper? How do they do it when the image is a cartoon depiction like I suppose those penguins are? I suppose if I get curious enough I could look it up. I have been blind now for over twenty-one years and I understand that holograms have gotten better in that time. I wish I could see for myself.

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Here's an explanation that I copied from a site explaining it to kidsWhat is a HOLOGRAM?

Well, a hologram is like a picture. Sort of. You see, when you look at a picture -- like a photograph -- it is flat. If you took a regular picture of a big marble, and it had a smaller marble behind it, you would not be able to look around the big marble to see the little one.

With a HOLOGRAM, you would be able to look around the big marble and see the little one behind it. It's true. That's because a hologram is in 3-D. The letter "D" in "3-D" stands for the word "dimension". The "3" in "3-D" stands for how many "dimensions" something has.

A photo, a piece of paper -- or even this computer screen -- is 2-D, or two dimensions: up and down (1) and left and right (2). When something has 3-D, like the world in which we live -- or a hologram -- it has an added dimension: up and down (1), left and right (2) and forwards and backwards (3). When talking about dimensions, we call forwards and backwards "depth". So . . . when we say that a hologram has 3 dimensions, it means we can see up and down, and left and right, just like a picture or photo . . . but we can also look "into" the hologram because the hologram, and the objects that it contains, has depth.

Looking at a certain types of holograms is just like looking at something that is really in front of your eyes. In fact, some holograms are so real that you want to take your hand and touch the object in it -- but your hand goes right through thin air. Imagine getting up to get a soda while you're watching a holographic Super Bowl. When you walk across your living room, you'd walk right through the players. You could try to kick the ball, but your foot would pass right through it.


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What is a
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  I did Gallop and Waddle earlier today before work.
They probably aren't
  as exciting to Bookshare members because what makes the
books so cool are the
  holograms inside the book. The little penguin is so cute
as it waddles! If
  anyone is sighted or has sighted children, these are THE
books you want to
  see. If my son was still 5 or so years old I'd buy
these books for him, even
  brand new at full price if I had to. They are the most
adorable children's
  books I  have ever seen.

Jamie in Michigan

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