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I think that trying to explain a hologram to a blind from birth person is about as hopeless as trying to explain colors, but let me take a stab at it. Ahologram is a flat picture that looks three dimentional. Try to imagine a raised line map. You can feel the lines where borders and places of interest are represented, but those lines are only there to let you know position. The map is still flat. Now, imagine that map as having mountains that actually stick up from the surface. Imagine being able to feel the rooves of the houses and the shape of the houses. That would be something of an equivalent of a hologram. However, the hologram only mimics three dimentions to the eye. If you feel it, it will still feel flat. It is not good enough that anyone will mistake it for reality either. It can be said that it is an optical illusion.

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It is a picture, somewhat reflective in nature in which the image shifts depending on the angle of view. It can actually change images or seem to move.

Hope that barebones explanation makes some sense...


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What is a hologram?
Chela Robles
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I did Gallop and Waddle earlier today before work. They probably aren't as exciting to Bookshare members because what makes the books so cool are the holograms inside the book. The little penguin is so cute as it waddles! If anyone is sighted or has sighted children, these are THE books you want to see. If my son was still 5 or so years old I'd buy these books for him, even brand new at full price if I had to. They are the most adorable children's books I have ever seen.

Jamie in Michigan

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