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Well, all that I have match up with what you provided, except 3. I added some 
notes early on about them matching. It's jut that 18 doesn't look like the 
beginning of a chapter as it has a partial sentence about the beach or 

Thank you to all.


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  I can look inside it at Amazon but I don't know how many pages it will let me 

  Chapter 1 starts with:
  Hood got partnered up wtih Terry (Yes)

  I think page 12 is chapter 2 but after 11 it skipped to page 31 but page 11 
looked like the end of a chapter. (Agreed.)

  I think page 18 is chapter 3. (Hmm, this doesn't jive as 18 has a partial 
sentence something about the waves on the beach or something._

  Page 35 is chapter 5 so I missed a chapter somewhere. Ok I think page 25 is 
chapter 4.

  I think page 39 is chapter 6 but I can't find 7. (I have 7.)

  I think page 54 is chapter 8. (yes)

  Page 65 is chapter 9. (yes)

  I think page 73 is chapter 10 but I can't find 11. (I have 11 on 78 if I 
remember correctly)

  Page 90 is chapter 12. (makes sense by the text)

  I think page 93 is chapter 13. (it is).

  Page 98 is chapter 14.

  I think page 103 is chapter 15 but I can't find 16.

  I think page 122 is chapter 17.

  Page 131 is chapter 18. Can't find 19.

  I think page 154 is chapter 20 but I can't find 21 or 22.

  I think page 176 is chapter 23.

  I think page 183 is chapter 24.

  I think page 193 is chapter 25 but I can't find chapter 26.

  I think page 201 is chapter 27 but I can't find chapter 28.

  I think page 214 is chapter 29.

  I think page 218 is chapter 30.

  I think page 226 is chapter 31.

  I think page 236 is chapter 32.

  I think page 246 is chapter 33.

  I think page 254 is chapter 34.

  I think page 266 is chapter 35.

  I think page 274 is chapter 36.

  I think page 283 is chapter 37 but I can't find chapter 38.

  Page 298 is chapter 39. This is really hit or miss here, sorry.

  I think page 309 is chapter 40.

  I think page 315 is chapter 41.

  I think page 326 is chapter 42.

  I think page 330 is chapter 43.

  I think page 336 is chapter 44.

  That's all I can find. Does that help?

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