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Hi Jill,

I have found both cases. occasionally blank pages will not be a part of the numbering system in a book. But mostly, if there is a blank page in the books that I have read it does fall into the numbering system. Let me be clearer. Most of the time, if there is a blank page in a book, it will come between two numbered pages in this kind of an order: page 82 with a page number, blank page, page 84 with a page number. I only number the blank pages where their existence or lack of will confuse the reader. If the sequence goes like this: page 82 with a printed page number, blank page, then page 83 with a printed page number, I do not number the blank page. Just what I do.


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I don't number blank pages because I have found that the book's numbering system doesn't either. Am I wrong about this? Jill
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Thanks, Mayrie. I always add the page number if the page number is missing, especially on blank pages, because others have said that blank pages do not get retained if the page number is not added. That would make a person think the book is missing a page.

So I guess until someone finds a book which has page numbers at the top but the chapter headings got stripped, I will believe that chapter headings only need protected when the page number is at the bottom of the page.

Jamie in Michigan
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