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No, guess we both missed that one, not to mention it being missed by the
author and the editor.


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Hi Gerald,

I don't think the author would win any accuracy prices for research.  Did
your father catch the other mistake 4 words away?
A Mac is either a hamburger, computer, or a sub machine gun, the truck is a
Mack, with a k at the end.


At 09:59 AM 3/7/2005, you wrote:
>So where do you draw the line?  Would you correct the misspelling in the
>following paragraph from Ill Wind by Nevada Barr?
>Tom drove a real pickup and wore cowboy shirts with the sleeves ripped out.
>What would he consider big? Surely not a snubby-nosed little Mitsubishi. To
>a construction worker, "big truck" would mean a Kenmore, a Peter-bilt, a
>Did you even spot it?  If you didn't, then here's a hint.  Sears doesn't
>make big trucks, at least not under that brand name.
>The word should have been Kenworth.  At least I think that's how the
>spells it's name.
>BTW, it's not a mistake by the validator.  That's how it appears in the
>paperback.  So would you correct it knowing that Nevada Barr didn't mean
>her construction workers to be driving a home appliance? <grin>
>Personally, I would have left it the way it is in the book and wondered if
>anyone else would have spotted it.  Just for the record, for those of you
>who missed it, I didn't spot it either when I read it.  My father had to
>point it out to me.  Oh well, nobody's perfect. <smile>

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