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  • Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2012 23:32:28 -0800

 I 've just finished watching a DVD of the movie *The Illusionist* ,
historical fiction set in  the period of Rudolph,   the archduke of *Austria
* and *crown prince of Austria*, Hungary and Bohemia, heir apparent to his
father Emperor Franz Joseph  of Austria,  Hungary, Bohemia et al.
It's made me want to read, or validate (I see from a recent approval notice
that I got that the term "validate" has come back into fashion) the
book *Celestial
Harmonies*, a biography (subtitled a novel) of the Esterhazy family, an
important family in the history  of Hungary and one whose members had
interactions with important world figures of the time.  I could read it
myself, as I have the print book with no due date, but I think it wold be
an excellent and desirable addition to the bookshare collection.  You may
have read earlier posts by Gail and me.  Someone, whose  name I won't
mention (not one of you) did such a terrible scan that Gail   has had to
reject the book. If one of you would scan it  either she or I would be
happy to validate it (or maybe one of you would want to;  warning: it is a
heavy and thick 800-plus page book, with a lot of foreign names that need
diacritical marks--but, though it's nonfiction, I didn't see any footnote
numbers or footnotes.

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