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I know my library system has it--or did when I first
downloaded it. I only took the ones I cold obtain so I
could compare with the book.

Whenever you get to it, and I finish all the things on
my plate now, if it's still on the page one list I'll
take it. I have 6 other projects to do first.


--- Gary Petraccaro <garyp130@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Arrowsmith I wouldn't mind doing.  Excellently
> recorded by NLS once-upon-a-time.  That recording's
> now called withdrawn.
> It's behind your other titles and some I just picked
> up.  Btw, I can see why Forever After may have
> caused someone problems.  There's a little rosevine
> graphic on every page, and some are more involved
> than that.
> This will require some work.
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>   I've validated and uploaded Sinclair Lewis' Cass
>   Timberlane. This will be the 4th book of this
>   Nobel-prize-winning author-the first American to
> win
>   the Nobel Prize for Literature--in the collection,
> and
>   there is one more on the download list, or there
> was
>   the last time I looked. 
>    Of his 22 works, the most famous not yet in the
>   collection are Elmer Gantry and Arrowsmith.  
> Years
>   ago I read a well-written and readable book about
> him
>   and his relationship  with Dorothy Thompson, a
>   journalist, that would be a good addition to the
>   collection, too, I think. I remember it more as a
>   biography, but in checking just now it may be just
>   about a small portion of his life, their
> relationship,
>   and WWII. It's called Dorothy and Red. I haven't
> read
>   any of the biographies about him.
>   Lewis writes satirical novels about  America and
>   various aspects of American society. I recently
> read
>   Arrowsmith, which I enjoyed once I got into it.
> Cass
>   Timberlane is more humorous, I think, although a
>   friend of mine who is reading Arrowsmith finds it
> more
>   humorous than I remember its being.
>   I forgot to add something to the long synopsis: In
> the
>   book, the chapter titles were merely numbers.
> Where a
>   new chapter  begins in the middle of a page, I
> left
>   them that way. Where it begins at the top of a
> page I
>   put the word chapter before the number hoping to
>   preserve the number from the stripper.
>   Cindy
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