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Hi Jake,

As one outspoken person to another, it does seem that when you are singling 
out an individual, it would be best to write that person offlist.  Your 
messages, like mine, tend to be blunt.  <smile>


Sue S.

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Hi Carrie,

I never meant, intended, etc. anything of the sort that you don't volunteer 

When I said "Thanks as always for all your volunteering Carrie!" it was in 
ernest not in sarcasm or anything like that. Nor, was my intension to 
complain. Nor to suggest you don't validate enough.

Like you said, how would we know that you
* Keep the hardest books to validate
* Keep track of your old books and self validate when necessary
* Do other validations (after all you said yourself that Gustavo is the only 
other one who knows).

Until you wrote those three down, there's not really any way I could have 
learned it, so I'm not sure how much more investigation I could have done.

I did investigate to the best of my ability, checking how many books you had 
submitted on the download page, how many people seemed to be interested in, 
and the general trend of whether or not your books get validated quickly. It 
seemed that the list was just growing and growing. And, it seemed that lots 
of the nonfiction books were not going anywhere fast, again, I did not know 
that your intensions included processing them at a later time if they had 
not been done.

I'm sorry if you thought my message was intended as an attack or complaint. 
It was not. I guess I was attempting to point out that there were lots of 
older books that could use some TLC ahead of newer ones. And it's usually 
easier to edit with a print copy in hand.

I really just want to see Step 1 have the older books looked at and cleaned 
out. Are you sure it was actually empty at one point?


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  From: Carrie Karnos
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  Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: Carrie Books (Re: Just Submitted)

  Hi Jake,

  Whenever I submit a batch of books, I validate the hardest ones myself. 
For example, in that last batch of 13 books, I kept 3 back.  They were a 
guide to the White House that had a picture or two on each page (I uploaded 
the book to Gustavo this evening), a book on dog training that had pictures 
and double columns, and a book on witchcraft with lots of symbols in it.  I 
put the easy books on the download list, really I do.

  And I'm aware that some of my books linger on the download list.  I keep 
track of them, and when a book has lingered for several months, I validate 
it myself. In the past week or two, I've validated Goliath by David Harris, 
Flower Net by Lisa See and The Fifth Angel by David Wiltse.  They all had 
been on the download list for 4 months when I picked them up. I also 
validated 5 x-rated books, since there are a lot of volunteers who have 
delicate sensibilities.

  In short, I do a lot of validating that no one knows about, other than 
Gustavo.  So I suggest you do more investigating before you accuse me of not 
validating enough.  And while we're at it, in the future, if you have any 
other problems with my actions, please email me off-list.  I don't 
appreciate you complaining about me in public.


  Jake Brownell <jabrown@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
        Hi Carrie,

    Great, but we could really use some help validating some of your 
submissions that linger on the download list. Since you have the print books 
it might be especially helpful if you could process some of the harder non 
fiction ones. Unfortunately just running the book through the highspeed 
scanner doesn't produce a book that is at the high end of excellent. While 
it's true that your books don't have binding issues, it's still often times 
necessary to read through the entire book if you really want a finished 
product that is truly excellent quality.

    It's also unfortunate that so many of your submissions lately people 
don't seem to be interested in. I have noted that your submissions are 
usually grabbed right away if people are interested in the books, but 
otherwise they are grabbed, released quickly, let expire, or are never 

    For instance currently there are 53 books submitted by you on the 
download page, 46 of which have never been downloaded, that's about 87%, and 
53/385 total books is about 14% of the download list. Me thinks we need to 
get some of them processed before we make step 1 grow even more with bulk 

    Below I've compiled a list of the books on step 1 done by Carrie so that 
you can see if there are any that tickle your fancy.

    Thanks as always for all your volunteering Carrie!


          Title Author
          Then Came Heaven LaVyrle Spencer
          Royal Flash George Macdonald Fraser
          Flashman in the Great Game George Macdonald Fraser
          Flashman at the Charge George Macdonald Fraser
          Black Sunday Thomas Harris
          Desperate Games Pierre Boulle
          Black William Robert Neill
          Legs William Kennedy
          The Revolution of Hope: Toward a Humanized Technology Erich Fromm
          Death Comes for the Archbishop Willa Cather
          Ashes to Ashes Tami Hoag
          Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes William Bridges
          Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change William Bridges
          Maverick: The Success Story Behind the World's Most Unusual 
Workplace Richardo Semler
          Post-Capitalist Society Peter F. Drucker
          Future Scope: Success Strategies for the 1990s and Beyond Joe 
          Rejuvenating the Mature Business: The Competitive Challenge John 
M. Stopford, Charles Baden-Fuller
          Negotiating Rationally Margaret A. Neale, Max H. Bazerman
          On Negotiating Mark H. McCormack
          Delivering Quality Service: Balancing Customer Perceptions and 
Expectations Leonard L. Berry, A. Parasuraman, Valarie A. Zeithaml
          Mission Critical: The 7 Strategic Traps That Derail Even the 
Smartest Companies Gregory G. Dess, Joseph C. Picken
          World Class Manufacturing: The Lessons of Simplicity Applied 
Richard J. Schonberger
          Rethinking the Corporation: The Architecture of Change Robert M. 
          The Lean Enterprise: Designing and Managing Strategic Processes 
for Customer-Winning Performance Nick Rich, Peter Hines, Dan Dimancescu
          Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation 
Daniel T. Jones, James P. Womack
          It's Not Luck Eliyahu M. Goldratt
          Competing for the Future C. K. Prahalad, Gary Hamel
          Co-opetition Barry J. Nalebuff, Adam M. Brandenburger
          Aiming Higher: 25 Stories of How Companies Prosper by Combining 
Sound Management and Social Vision David Bollier
          Managing by Values Michael O'Connor, Ken Blanchard
          Parting with Illusions Vladimir Pozner
          Spring Moon Bette Bao Lord
          Steppenwolf & Siddhartha (Cliffs Notes) Carolyn Roberts Welch
          The Dead Sea Cipher Elizabeth Peters
          The Curse of the Pharaohs Elizabeth Peters
          The Copenhagen Connection Elizabeth Peters
          Silhouette in Scarlet Elizabeth Peters
          Naked Once More Elizabeth Peters
          Legend in Green Velvet Elizabeth Peters
          Die for Love Elizabeth Peters
          Nunquam Lawrence Durrell
          Prophecy David Seltzer
          Reader's Digest Condensed Books, Volume 3 1995 The Editors Of The 
Reader's Digest
          Reader's Digest Condensed Books, Volume 5 1995 The Editors Of The 
Reader's Digest
          The Watchmen Ben Bova
          Time to Come August Derleth (editor)
          Azazel Isaac Asimov
          A Kiss Before Dying Ira Levin
          The Complete Father Brown G. K. Chesterton
          The Titan Game Niven Busch
          A Study of History D. C. Somervell (abridger), Arnold J. Toynbee
          Dreams: Your Magic Mirror with Interpretations by Edgar Cayce 
Elsie Sechrist
          Answer to History Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

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