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Hi, Charlene, I love reading cookbooks, I have found a bunch of them at
Amazon.com which I can send you. (What I mean is, I can let you know
about the cookbooks which in particular fascinate me. There's a couple
of Indonesian ones by Copland Marks, a vegetarian one by Darra
Goldstein. I won't lie to you, I'm really fond of the ethnic stuff as
well as those giving recipes for desserts. I seem to gravitate toward
all kinds of ethnic cookbooks, cookbooks with soups, breads, just
anything that isn't the Betty Crocker type where you dump a lot of
convenience foods in a casserole and call it cooking. (Don't get me
wrong, I was really fond of my mom's tuna-noodle casserole Which used
cream of mushroom soup.) I'm a proofreader and not a scanner and I've
often written about my concerns with the quality of cookbooks at
Bookshare. (I had the experience of downloading some cookbooks only to
discover the ingredients lists for recipes were non-existent [Macaroni
And Cheese, The Ultimate Ice Cream Book, and The Pie and Pastry Bible
are all books where ingredients lists are most likely images which
didn't end up in the books which I downloaded in brf format].) I don't
have an Optacon and proofread by opening up an .rtf document on my
computer in conjunction with a BrailleNote MPower so I can follow along
in Braille. If you wish to write me off list, I can let you know about
the finds in cookbooks if you're interested. Write me at
kimfri11@xxxxxxxxxxxx Regards, Kim Friedman.
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Hi, Scot, darn, I'm almost done scanning a really neat cookbook, but
won't have it up in time for the weekend that would have been a good
candidate for what you're looking for, it's Delicious Memories by Anna
Boyardee, the grand-daughter of one of the founders of Chef Boyardee.
It's got lots of information about the family along with great Italian
food and detailed instructions about how to prepare things like homemade


Anyway, I was trying to think of recent books that have gone up that
aren't just recipes, and one that I did was 

Natural Every Day: Well-loved Recipes from My Natural Foods Kitchen


Some of the Weight Watchers books that have gone up have comments and
tips along with the recipes. Also, there's a publisher-quality book
called the Arthur Avenue Cookbook that I just downloaded that looks like
it has interesting narrative along with the recipes.


Also, there's another Heidi Swanson book in the collection that is
publisher quality, just can't think of the name of it at the moment.


Paula Deen's Southern Bible is already up as a publisher-quality book
and that one just came out this month, I don't know how healthy that one
is, but it's famous enough, that's for sure!


Also, there's plenty of diet books in there if that's what you're
looking for, too. Dieting for Dummies is a publisher-quality book that
has a daisy with images option to download and it has a few recipes in
the back.


I'm just trying to think of osme interesting options, hope this helps.






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Bookshare's VP for Literacy would like to know of "any good, recent
cookbooks on Bookshare  that aren't all recipes that have variety and
healthy options?" Would love to hear from the cookbook crew out there!



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