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Hi Peter,

You misspelled hassle!  I know it rhymes with castle but...  <<just joking>


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    No question, stay at the Marriott.  That is where the main stuff is.
All the DAISY and other blindness stuff will be at the Marriott.  The Hilton
costs a bit more and may be a bit nicer, but two long blocks separate the
two hotels and it's an unnecessary hastle.  It's still possible that some of
the things you want to do will be at the Hilton, but much more will be at
the Marriott.

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> Hi all.  I am making my case at work to attend CSUN this year.  Assuming
> that I do this successfully, what are the advantages/disadvantages to
> staying in the Marriott or the Hilton?
> And if any of you who are CSUN regulars can offer ideas on how I can apply
> the information likely to be received there to transportation, I'd be
> grateful if you'd give me assistance in building this case.
> Peace and Hope,
> Donna

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