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  • Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 11:53:45 -0800

I had a great time at CSUN.  Susie and I gave a talk called NIMAS 101,
designed to demystify the upcoming new NIMAS standard (hey, it's just
HTML plus some extra tags that help navigation, and works great in your
browser).  George Kerscher and I had a rare chance to do a joint
presentation, called "Scan (or Create) the D*** Thing Once!"  And, I
really enjoyed being able to be part of the 530 meeting, where we had
users, vendors, staff and volunteers.  I gave an update on Bookshare.org
in the coming year: better funding, hiring, more book permissions
(equals pub quality and usually global rights), quality upgrades ala
NIMAS and going international.

Jim Fruchterman
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