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Hi, Sue. When you're sitting on the field where you'd type the file path, 
tab over once. JAWS will say nothing. I don't know what your braille display 
shows, but that's where the browse button is. Hit the spacebar and a dialog 
box will open that looks exactly like the traditional Open dialog box. From 
there, you can browse and find your file. I hope this helps. Take care.
Julie Morales
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Thanks, folks.  Julie, you say you do noot type a path either.  See, I have
to go into forms mode on my upload page beccause the copyright holder, and
copyright date have to be changed.  So what would you type before you hit
the browse button, or would you just hit it without even typing a filename?
Just have it opened to where the file is located, like Evan mentioned?  I
hope this makes sense.  My path can look something like the one you
mentioned in your first message.  I would know how to save it there.

Thanks to all,

Sue S. 

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