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Hi all.  In response to Christina's question about using Bookshare as a 
reference, that is absolutely fine.  I can easily look up the date you started 
(that is, the first book you submitted) and how many books you've submitted 
(scanned and/or proofed).  In some cases, I can also write a letter of 
reference if needed/appropriate (as can Mayrie).  I've done this if someone was 
seeking paid employment and/or housing, as a character reference.

Kind regards,

Volunteer Program Manager

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Hi Christina and Alisa,

I'm CC-ing Alisa the new volunteer program manager on this, Christina.

I have been volunteering I believe since you started volunteering, and am now 
staff, so can confirm that you have been volunteering for Bookshare for a long 

Either Alisa can look up your date of beginning volunteering, or you can give 
me the name of either a book that you  scanned  or proofread so that I can make 
a note somewhere about the duration of your volunteering, if you'd like to use 
me as a reference.

Alisa, if you think it more appropriate that you be the reference, I completely 
understand that.  Please also know that besides scanning and proofreading, 
Christina has aided in creating documents helpful to the teaching of new 

Sorry for the ramble!


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Hi, Valerie.
Thanks for the info.

I am also told I need to have people at the places where I volunteer or work 
confirm that I was a volunteer/employee.

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One quick way to check is to pick a book you scanned or proofread (whichever 
you did first) and click on your name and go back to your oldest, unless it has 
been replaced, of course.I started proofing July of 2009 and scanning a month 


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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Bookshare on the Resume
I am updating my resume and would like to know if Bookshare keeps records of 
when each person began volunteering.
I thought other volunteers might be interested in this so I am posting my 
inquiry here.
Thank you.

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