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  • Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 15:08:48 -0500

I just heard about the plane crash on last hour's news.  3 people were
killed, although none of them were on the ground.  Part of the plane hit a
day-care center, which fortunately was empty at the time.  Puts a power
outage in perspective, IMHO.  It's annoying, but you and yours are alive
and well, and that's the main thing.

> Wow, at least everyone is set, and hope all is ok with you all staffers
> luckily no work is lost no data whatsoever is lost.
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>   Hi gang,
>   Just to let you know, a twin-engine Cessna hit a high-tension
> transmission line and crashed shortly after taking off from the Palo
> Alto airport this morning at 8am PST. There has been no power to Palo
> Alto or Stanford since then. Obviously no one is getting any work done
> at the Bookshare office but I believe a lot of people are working from
> home. When the power returns, we'll go back into the office and resume
> business.
>   In case you're wondering, the Bookshare website servers are located in
> Kentucky (or was it Tennessee?), so they are fine.
>   Carrie

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