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Hi Rik,


Yes, it is best to put each DAISY issue of newspapers into there  own
folder, so that they will be read correctly.



We are working to put the issue dates into file names, so that they can
be easily identified.



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Sorry if this seems unrelated to submitting and proofreading, but I
don't know any other source as good as you folks at present!


Has there been any discussion about the changes in the extraction of
Newsline files from Bookshare?


As I have come to understand, now they must, each issue of a paper or
magazine be inserted into a folder all its own, because of the several
files.  This was different than before, as I used to just put each new
issue of the New York Times in a folder on my pc.  


The other thing that is different is the filename. When I transfer the
issue to my Book Port or Victor Stream they are only labeled simply as
"Bookshare" with no relevent date or signifying name.


I thought perhaps this was a temporary thing. But it has been several
months now.



I hope to get back on track and submit some books again soon. I have
been doing a lot of reading of your great work, however. Thanks very



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