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  • Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 21:30:27 -0800

I wonder if there is any demographic information about the universe of
bookshare users.
I ask, because I am thinking that perhaps to some degree the books that are
submitted and validated might be prioritized according to the user base.
It seems to me, for example, that we are submitting and validating an aweful
lot of childrens books, and I can't think that there are that many kids
using bookshare.
Yes, I know that sometimes it is fun for us adults to read good childrens
lit, and that some kids books are among the best titles in literature, but
it seems as though we have two or three kids books for every other title.
I for one am beginning to feel that all these kids books are crowding out
other adult titles that are languishing waiting for validation.
Brian Miller

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> The God You've Been Searching For, by Mac Brunson, with foreword by David
> Jeremiah
> 8 chapters, about 157 pages
> Already thoroughly edited, and all pages accounted for.
> Paula

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