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I have found that you can actually bypass the download and read the synopsis, 
submitter etc. and then download.
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  I'm not sure what you are using, I would guess some type of notetaker.

  With jaws 6.2 pressing tab on the authors goes as it should, from one author 
to the next one.

  I, for one, would prefer to have to go to the book's list instead of having 
links to download the Braille or daisy versions, because I then have more 
information about the book, such as book length, submitter, etc. before 
downloading it.

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    I went to check out the newest books from Bookshare, and download the ones 
I wanted.  Basically, a morning to catch up on all the things I'd meant to 
download but hadn't got around to.

    I noticed a few things about the new books list.

    1.  It doesn't display the download links for Daisy and BRF.  You actually 
have to click on each book, and then download from the book's page.  Could this 
be changed?

    2.  When a book has more than one author, this page behaves strangely.  For 
instance, I'm on the second page of results, looking at Adult Students: An 
Insider's Guide to Getting into College.  I hear the title, and hit tab.  It 
tells me the first author's name, Jen Tanabe, and I press tab again.  Instead 
of saying the second authors name, Kelly Tanabe, it says By.  Not sure why it 
does this, but it's definitely odd.



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