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Hi Shelley, I also have a BookSense using WinndowsXP.  The only number I have 
for tech support is not toll free: 512-837-2000.  The person I talked to last 
February was Jenny Axler in tech suupport. You might call information and see 
if there is a toll free number for Hims, INC.
The website is: www.hims-inc.com
Hope this helps.
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  Hi everyone,

  I am wondering if someone might be able to help me.

  I am trying to teach a student to extract a zip folder and place it into a 
new folder created on the Booksense under daisy and Bookshare.

  However we ran into a problem, I am hoping that the Booksense Buddy will make 
it work better, but...  When we extracted the files, Windows informed us that 
files with those names already existed and whether we wished to copy the files 
or ignore them.  We tried both methods and the computer would freeze the 
process somewhere around 17% through the process.

  We also tried deleting the files and folders completely, and redownloading 
the book, and copying the files the old fashioned way, by opening the zipped 
folder, selecting all the files, copying the files, going to the Bookshare 
folder on the Booksense and creating a new folder, and titling it, then pasting 
the copied files there.  No luck.

  I am kind of out of ideas.

  My mother who has Windows 7 also has this problem, and doesn't know the 
answer though for her it isn't a screen reader or a booksense related issue.

  What should I do?

  I am taking my netbook with me to the client's house, as I have XP and know 
it works great on that platform.

  Me thinks I am going to hold onto XP as long as I can I think.


  Shelley L. Rhodes, M.A. CVRT
  and Ludden black Labrador Guide Dog.

  Diamonds may be a woman's best friend, but a dog is mine.

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