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I predict that most people will hate such a short span of time.  Only two 
weeks?  Wow!!!

Sue S.

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Hi all,

Since we've had loads of complaints about books with HOLDs in their titles 
languishing in the checkout queue for weeks, months and years, the Bookshare 
Collection Development department has instituted a new policy. If a book has 
been on the checkout list for more than 2 weeks with a HOLD in its title, I 
will remove the HOLD to allow other people to proof the book.

On January 1st, I will remove the HOLDs on all books that were submitted 
prior to December 1st. This is to give people time to finish their current 
books and start on their new ones that have HOLDs on them. On January 15th, 
I'll remove the HOLDs on any books that were submitted during December, and 
then the 2-week rule will go into effect.

I know that some people will love this, and other people will hate it. Let's 
try it for a while, and see how it goes. If the vast majority of people hate 
this, then we'll revisit it.

By the way, having a time limit on HOLD books in the checkout queue was one 
of the top suggestions in the volunteer survey that Pavi sent out. She is 
working on an email to be sent to everyone that details the results of the 
survey. The survey provided a huge amount of really valuable feedback, so 
thanks very much to everyone who participated in it!

Happy holidays! Carrie


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