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addendum:  the Author is Debby Applegate and she was speaking at the Beecher 
home, now a historical site. 
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  I have never learned how to program outlook express to format my letters 
other than choosing plain text or rtf and I use the latter becauseof the format 
bar and ability to size font but I never figured outh any of the other 
settings.  In addition, I often leave the box I am creating the letter in at a 
partial or smaller box so I can also see the other mail or  the letter to which 
I am replying. This letter is in a maximized box or screen because you drew my 
attention to what I had been doing.  Now if you were talking about sentence 
length that is another matter.


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  > Is there a reason you are using such short lines in your message?  Just 
  > wondering.
  > E.
  > At 06:56 PM 8/20/2006, you wrote:
  >>Yesterday on Books on TV there was a Woman talking about her biography of 
  >>The Most Famous Man in America: The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher.  He 
  >>was the older brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe and a minister in a family 
  >>of minister but this one began, or so it seems, the pattern of the modern 
  >>philandering minister.  The book sounds fascinating as does the story of 
  >>how the author came to write the book.  It started out as a short paper 
  >>for school. Somewhere in my room, near this bed, is a small tablet with 
  >>the last name of the author whose first name  is Debby. If I find it I'll 
  >>pass it along but it should be an easy book to find.  I would love to work 
  >>on it by my list of "to do" books is larger than my abilities as it is so 
  >>I dare not find it but if you are in the mood for a fascinating and true 
  >>biography this one sounds like a doozy.
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