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  • Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 19:37:21 -0400

Hi All,

I'm working on the four E. K. Barber books to submit:

1.      Flight in to Danger (Flight #1)
2.      Flight in to Terror (Flight #2)
3.      Flight in to Fate and Flight in to Destiny (Flight #3)
4.      The Phoenix and the Shield, Book One: The Case of the Hidden Truth

So these are technically all scanned, and I've done Ranked Spelling on all
of them, but I refuse to send up anything that I haven't read through, made
stripper-friendly, with which I haven't replaced junk and potential problem
characters, standardized font, etc.-in other words, anything that I haven't
yet made the easiest and most painless validation that I can-so I'm a bit
slow, <smile>, but they will get up there.eventually. I haven't forgotten
about the three I've got out on the Books Being Scanned list from the Wish
List that I promised before the Spring semester started; those have been
scanned and will get up there, too, as soon as I've done everything
validation wise with them as well (which I now have time to do now that the
semester's ended).

Just wanted to send this out, so that the above could get on G. Cindy's
Books Being Scanned list.

Maria Kristic
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