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If I can make a suggestion, please check the Bookshare collection first before 
doing any work on these books, since some of the books listed below are already 
in the collection.

Thanks, Carrie

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Good afternoon, Kerri.  Good afternoon, All.

Here are the rest of the books I need scanned.  Of course,
with all the books Robert R. has kindly agreed to scan, and which
I have sent to him, any further requests will take a bit of time.
But you're all welcome to them if you agree to mail them back
to me after you scan them so that I can validate them and if
you put "Hold for Marilyn" in the title when you submit to Step 1.

Kerri, you get first shot.  I thank you very much, as I thank
anyone who agrees to scan any of these.  With my current
addiction to validating for Bookshare, I'll never get to read them
if it weren't for validating them.  You know?

Thanks so very much,

P.S. "LP" and "DLP" mean Large Print books.


Abrahams, Peter -- Pressure Drop
Andrews, Russell -- Aphrodite
Bachman, Richard – Blaze (Large Print)
Bauer, Sydney – Undertow (DLP)
Billingham, Mark -- Sleepyhead
Blake, Sterling -- Chiller
Brennan, Allison – Fear No Evil
Brennan, Allison – The Prey
Brennan, Allison – The Hunt
Brin, David -- The Postman
Case, John -- The Murder Artist
Cassidy, Carla – Paint It Red (DLP)
Caunitz, William -- Suspects
Caunitz, William -- Black Sand
Coulter, Catherine -- Blind Side (2)
Coulter, Catherine -- Riptide (1)
Coulter, Catherine – Beyond Eden
Craig, Kit -- Twice Burned 
Cresswell, Jasmine – Missing (1) (DLP)
Cresswell, Jasmine – Suspect (2) (DLP)
Crouch, Blake -- Desert Places
Gardner, Lisa -- The Survivors Club
Gardner, Lisa -- The Next Accident 
Gerritsen, Tess -- The Apprentice
Grisham, John -- The Runaway Jury
Harper, Karen – Dark Harvest
Harper, Karen – Dark Angel
Hauck, Dennis William – Captain Quirk (Star Trek)
Henderson, Dee – The Witness (DLP)
Higgins-Clark, Mary -- A Cry in the Night 
Higgins-Clark, Mary -- The Cradle Will Fall
Hoffmann, Jilliane -- Last Witness
Horn, Stephen -- In Her Defense 
Iles, Greg – True Evil
Jackson, Lisa – Fatal Burn
Jackson, Lisa – Absolute Fear (DLP)
Jackson-Braun, Lillian -- The Cat Who...
Jentz, Terri – Strange Piece of Paradise
Johansen, Iris -- The Search
Johansen, Iris – Pandora's Daughter (DLP)
Kellerman, Jonathan -- Private Eyes (1)
Kellerman, Jonathan -- Monster (2)
Kellerman, Jonathan -- The Conspiracy Club (3)
Kemelman, Harry -- Someday the Rabbi Will Leave
King, Stephen -- The Colorado Kid 
Krentz, Jayne Ann – Sizzle and Burn
Langan, Sarah – The Keeper
Lescroart, John -- The 13th Juror
Lindsay, Jeff (Dexter series:)
1.    Darkly Dreaming Dexter 
2.    Dearly Devoted Dexter 
3.    Dexter in the Dark
Lippman, Laura -- To the Power of Three
Lippman, Laura – By A Spider’s Thread
Lisle, Holly – I See You
Lodge, Marc -- Within the Bounds
MacDonald, Ann-Marie -- The Way the Crow Flies
McBain, Ed -- Lightning 
McBain, Ed -- The House That Jack Built
McGuire, Christina -- Until Justice is Done
Michaels, Fern -- Weekend Warriors
Michaels, Fern -- Payback
Montanari, Richard -- The Rosary Girls
North-Patterson, Richard -- The Final Judgment
O'Hurley, John – It's Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump
Parker, Robert B. -- School Days
Parker, T. Jefferson – The Fallen
Parrish, P.J. – An Unquiet Grave
Patterson, James – Step on a Crack (DLP)
Patterson, James -- Mary, Mary
Patterson, James -- The Midnight Club
Patterson, Robert North -- Conviction 
Powers, Martha -- Bleeding Heart
Prescott, Michael – Mortal Faults
Rickles, Don – Rickles' Book
Rose, Karen – You Can’t Hide
Santora, Nick – Slip & Fall
Scottoline, Lisa -- Moment of Truth
Sevilla, Charles, Disorder in the Court
Shuman, George D. - 18 Seconds (DLP)
Schwegel, Theresa – Officer Down
Slaughter, Karin -- Faithless
Solomon, Annie – Dead Shot
Staub, Wendy Corsi – Don't Scream
Staub, Wendy Corsi – The Final Victim (DLP)
Thompson, Carlene -- Share No Secrets
Thompson, Carlene – Last Whisper
Thompson, Carlene – Last Seen Alive (DLP)
Woods, Stuart -- New York Dead
Amos, Beth -- Cold White Fury
Bachman, Richard (& Stephen King) - Blaze (LP)
Barker, Clive -- The Books of Blood
Barker, Clive -- Cabal
Barton, Dan -- Relife
Boyll, Randall -- Chiller
Brite, Poppy -- Drawing Blood
Byers, Richard-Lee -- Dead Time
Duncan, Dave -- The Cursed
Franklin, Pat -- Dark Dreaming
Golden, Christopher -- Wildwood Road
Greenhall, Ken -- Death Chain
Higgins-Clark, Mary -- Where Are the Children?
Hoag, Tami -- Cry Wolf
Hooper, Kay -- Out of the Shadows
Hoover, Dale -- Shadow Twin
Johansen, Roy -- Beyond Belief
Johnstone, William -- Nightmask
Keane, Christopher -- Christmas Babies
Kelly, Bill -- The Killing Moon
King, Stephen -- Bag of Bones
King, Stephen -- Hearts in Atlantis
King, Stephen -- The Stand
King, Stephen -- The Eyes of the Dragon
King, Stephen -- From a Buick 8
King, Stephen -- Dreamcatcher
King, Stephen -- Four Past Midnight
King, Stephen - Cell
King, Stephen - Lisey's Story
King, Stephen -- Duma Key (LP)
King, Tabitha -- Small World
King, Tabitha -- The Trap
Koja, Kathe -- Cipher
Koontz, Dean -- Door to December
Koontz, Dean -- The Funhouse
Koontz, Dean -- Winter Moon
Koontz, Dean -- House of Thunder
Koontz, Dean -- Phantoms
Koontz, Dean -- Shadow Fires
Koontz, Dean -- Midnight
Koontz, Dean -- False Memory
Koontz, Dean -- By the Light of the Moon
Koontz, Dean -- The Eyes of Darkness
Koontz, Dean -- The Bad Place
Koontz, Dean -- Whispers
Koontz, Dean -- Voice of the Night
Koontz, Dean -- Life Expectancy
Koontz, Dean - The Good Guy (DLP) 
Lieberman, Robert -- Who is... Baby
Little, Bentley -- The Walking
Little, Bentley -- The Mailman
Lumley, Brian -- Psychomek
Lumley, Brian -- Psychosphere
Lumley, Brian -- Psychamok
Majer-Krich, Rochelle -- Where's Mommy Now?
McCammon, Robert -- Swan Song
Mofina, Rick -- If Angels Fall
Murphy, Elizabeth -- Virgin
Neiderman, Andrew -- After Life
O'Callaghan, Maxine -- Something's Calling Me Home
Rice, Anne -- The Mummy or Ramses the Damned
Rule, Ann -- Possession
Saberhagen, Fred -- A Matter of Taste
Saul, John -- Nightshade
Saul, John -- The Right Hand of Evil
Saul, John -- Midnight Voices
Searcy, David -- Last Things
Siddons, Anne Rivers -- The House Next Door (read 9/10/05)
Siodmak, Curt -- Donovan's Brain
Siodmak, Curt -- Hauser's Memory
Skipp, John -- The Light at the End
Straub, Peter -- Ghost Story
Straub, Peter -- Koko
Strieber, Whitley -- The Last Vampire
Taylor, Bernard -- The Godsend
Tem, Melanie -- Making Love
Wilde, Kelley -- Mastery
Williams, Walter-Jon -- Days of Atonement
Wooley, John -- Death's Door
Adams, Eric, Loss of Innocence
Alibrand, Tom, Privileged Information
Anderson, Chris, Bodies of Evidence
Ardai, Charles, Great Tales of Madness and the Macabre
Ballard, J.G., Running Wild
Bambenek, Lawrencia, Woman on Trial
Baumann, Ed, Step into My Parlor
Biondi, Ray, All His Father's Sins
Breo, Dennis, The Crime of the Century
Burnside, Scott, Deadly Innocence
Carpenter, Teresa, Missing Beauty
Casey, Kathryn, She Wanted It All
Cauffiel, Lowell, Masquerade
Cauffiel, Lowell, House of Secrets
Chynoweth, Rena, The Blood Covenant
Ciston, John, To Kill and Kill Again
Clarke, James, Last Rampage
Coleman, Jonathan, Exit the Rainmaker
Cook, Thomas, Blood Echoes
Corcoran, James, Bitter Harvest
Cox, Mike, The Confessions of Henry Lee Lucas
Crockett, Art, Serial Murderers
Davis, Don, The Milwaukee Murders
Davis, Don, Death of an Angel
Davis, Don, Death Cruise
Dear, William, Please... Don't Kill Me
Dillman, John, Unholy Matrimony
Donahue, Carol, Deadly Relations
Dorman, Michael, Blood Revenge
Drimmer, Frederick, Until You Are Dead
Egginton, Joyce, From Cradle to Grave
Ellroy, James, Murder and Mayhem
Englade, Ken, Cellar of Horror
Englade, Ken, Cellar of Horror
Englade, Ken, Deadly Lessons
Flacco, Anthony, A Checklist for Murder
Flowers, Anna, Bound to Die
French, Thomas, Unanswered Cries
Gibney, Bruce, The Beauty Queen Killer
Glyn(c)Jones, Richard, Killer Couples
Graysmith, Robert, The Sleeping Lady
Graysmith, Robert, Zodiac
Hemming, Robert, With Murderous Intent
Hoffman, Andy, Family Affairs
Hughes, D.T., Lullaby and Goodnight
Jackman, Tom, Rites of Burial
Joseph, James, Ashes
King, Gary, Driven to Kill
King, Gary, Blood Lust
Kingsbury, Karen, Missy's Murder
Kolarik, Gera(c)Lind, "I Am Cain"
Lehr, Dick, Judgment Ridge
Levin, Jack, Mass Murder
Levine, Richard, Bad Blood
Lewis, Craig, Blood Evidence
Lifton, David, Best Evidence
Lindsey, Robert, A Gathering of Saints
Lyons, Arthur, The Blue Sense
Masters, Brian, Killing for Company
Mayer, Robert, The Dreams of Ada
Maynard, Joyce ? Internal Combustion
McDougal, Dennis, Angel of Darkness
McGinniss, Joe, Fatal Vision
Meins, Jan, Murder in Little Rock
Michaud, Stephen, Lethal Shadow
Michaud, Stephen, The Only Living Witness
Moss, Jason, The Last Victim
Neff, James, Unfinished Murder
Newton, Michael, Hunting Humans
Nickel, Steven, Torso
Noguchi, Thomas, Unnatural Causes
Noguchi, Thomas, Coroner at Large
O'Brien, John, Teresita, The Voice from the Grave
O'Brien, Darcy, Murder in Little Egypt
Olsen, Jack, Cold Kill
Olsen, Gregg, Abandoned Prayers
Olsen, Jack, Charmer
Olsen, Jack, "Son," A Psychopath and his Victims
Provost, Gary, Without Mercy
Rashke, Richard, Runaway Father
Rule, Ann, The Stranger Beside Me
Rule, Ann, Lust Killer
Rule, Ann - Worth More Dead
Sasser, Charles, Homicide!
Scammell, Henry, Mortal Remains
Schechter, Harold, Deranged
Schultze, JIm, "My Husband's Trying to Kill Me"
Schwartz, Ted, Deadly Whispers
Sharkey, Joe, Deadly Greed
Sharkey, Joe, Death Sentence (John List)
Simon, David, Homicide
Singular, Stephen, A Killing in the Family
Singular, Stephen - Unholy Messenger: The Life and Crimes of the BTK Serial 
Sonzski, William, Fatal Ambition
Sullivan, Terry, Killer Clown (John Wayne Gacy)
Tanenbaum, Robert, The Piano Teacher
Thernstrom, Melanie, The Dead Girl
Van(c)Hoffman, Eric, A Venom in the Blood
Walker, Roger, Silent Testimony
Watkins, Ronald, Against Her Will
Weber, Don, Precious Victims
Weber, Don, Silent Witness
Wedgwood, Barbara, The Demon Inside
Connor, John-David -- Contagion
Cook, Robin -- Mutation
Cook, Robin -- Brain
Cook, Robin -- Abduction
Cook, Robin -- Vector
Crichton, Michael -- Five Patients
Crichton, Michael -- The Terminal Man
Crichton, Michael -- Sphere
Crichton, Michael – Timeline
Gerritsen, Tess – The Apprentice
Gerritsen, Tess -- The Surgeon
Lynch, Patrick -- Carriers
MacGregor, T.J. -- Out of Sight
Palmer, Michael -- Flash Back
Palmer, Michael – The Fifth Vial
Spies, Sidney -- Vacant Eyes
Sprull, Steven -- Painkiller
Steven, Daniel -- Final Remedy
Tucker, James -- Hocus Corpus
STAR TREK (A Sample:)
The Ashes of Eden, Captain's Table, Odyssey
SEX (A Sample:)
How to Make Love to a Man, Light His Fire
SELF-HELP (A Sample:)
Living the Simple Life, Life's Little Instruction Book,
Inner Simplicity, How to Make Worry Work for You
JUDAISM (A Sample:)
The Jewish Book of Why, Learn Torah With..., 
Teach Yourself Judaism


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