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Hi Cindy,

        In order to submit books to bookshare, they must have page breaks.
Without them, your books will be rejected.  The manual states this.  There
really is a lot of good information in the volunteer manual.  Reading it is
required of volunteers, and very helpful and saves a lot of time and wasted
effort when submitting and validating books.  If you don't know what is
required by Bookshare, it is easy to turn out substandard material that will
result in rejections of your hard work.



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I am in the process of completeing Ferno the Dragon and Sepron the Sea
Serpent. They are books from the Beast Quest series by Adam Blade. I will
continue with this series.
A little information about me...I have worked with a braille reader for the
last 5 years. From 1st grade to 6th. I have word documents of high interest
easy reading books for boys. This is what I am interested in adding to
I will also scan the series Dragon Slayer's Academy books 1-8 by Kate
Also I have Jackie and Me by Dan Gutman in a word document.
My word documents do not have page breaks in them.
I am very excited about contributing to the group.
The Other Cindy R.


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