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Tammy, you rock! I hadn't thought of looking for that search term. You're
right about plus sized people. I'm glad Bookshare has so many books on the
subject. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm off to explore. (smile)

Monica Willyard
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Search Boxyikes on the new search

I like the new search.  I put the input like this "authors first 
name+authors last name" and it works fine.  I used it to search for books on

plus size ladies in the stories like this "plus size" and got 28 books.  I 
had tried to get this with the old search and found two or three books.  I 
also found an exercise book for large women.  Hey, half of all women are 
over size 12.  I also used the "word+word+etc" to get title of a single 
book.  I think the system needs a little work, but it is getting better.

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