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Yes, Word shows you where the Page Breaks are in a file.  JAWS actually says
Page Break when you use the arrow keys to move past it.  I'd suggest taking
one of the files you worked with on the BN which has Page Breaks and pull it
up and Word to see.

I haven't tried it, but from what others have said, Word only removes Page
Breaks during the conversion to a Txt file or when saving a Txt file, so if
you convert a Txt file to RTF right away, then you don't lose them.  I don't
know about WordPad.  Try it and see.

Ctrl-Enter will insert a Page Break in Word.


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Jake, Ken and all:
Two questions that we go over and over but still I am confused.  I am
validating a TXT file.  I can translate that to RTF in Word without page
breaks being lost, but I cannot open the TXT file in Word Pad and then close
because they will be lost.  Am I correct? The other question is, how can I
check to see in Word if the page breaks are already in.  I had an extremely
excellent scan and had to reject just for page breaks not being there.  I
read the whole book and although I loved the book, I just do not have that
much time to just read (not validating).  This answer I need quickly as my
BN will not be with me for a while (where page breaks are obvious) and I
will be stuck using Word.  One of the books I am validating has no page
breaks but I am putting them in as the page number is there.  I want to make
certain this can be done also.  I will say thanks in advance to all.
P.S.:  Enjoyed the chatter on the bookshare conference Wednesday!

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