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Book submitted under the .rtf section of the Validation page.
needs spell checked and junk chars removed.  As it is another cat book and I 
have a pile to do. 97 pages.

Anyway if it seems to be too much reject and I shall get to it eventually 
still working on when that will be.  Having a rather nasty cold, I decided 
that today might be a good day to sit and scan books.

The Batsford Book of the Siamese Cat
Phyllis Lauder,

From the Book Jacket:
This beautifully illustrated book celebrates the Siamese. The spectacular 
and strong affectionate nature and intelligence have made the Siamese far 
and away the most popular breed of cat.
Long and slim, with dazzling blue eyes, its creamy coat is highlighted by a 
variety of color "points" - Blue, Lilac, Red, Chocolate and the traditional 
A full and knowing text gives the reader
a history of the breed and a complete tour of the many varieties found 
within the Siamese family including the newer strains, such as the "Tortie 
Points" and the Si-Rex.
In addition, there are many inside tips about health, care, kittens, 
breeding and grooming. For the ambitious, there is a chapter on Showing.
A special feature of the book is the comparison of American and British 
The author of the standard work on the Siamese, Phyllis Lauder, has been a 
judge and breeder on the international scene for many years. This book is 
further proof of her lifelong love affair with the Siamese cat.
90 Photographs, 24 in full color

Shelley L. Rhodes and Judson, guiding golden
Guide Dogs For the Blind Inc.
Graduate Advisory Council

The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to
stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs.

      -- Vance Havner 

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