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here is a book for the gardeners and wildlife lovers and haters, smile among us.

Submitted for your validating pleasure

Nuisance Animals: Backyard Pests to Free Roaming Killers
By John Trout

Read through, should be a fairly easy validation.

From The book jacket:
We commonly experience problems with wildlife because of our expansion into the animal's domain. Many mammals must now share our busy world and learn to survive alongside of man. From the urban districts to the rural areas, we must cope with animals and learn how to prevent and control wildlife damages.

When Animals Become a Nuisance... A Practical Wildlife Guidebook for Everyone

Learn how to...
. keep animals out of the garden and away from crops
. keep animals from destroying property
. keep animals away from valuable shrubs and trees
. avoid animals that stalk humans
. protect pets and livestock from predators :-. identify problem animals, tracks and sign
. prevent and control wildlife damage

Nuisance Animals takes a close look at several wildlife species and the damage they cause: Deer, beaver, rabbits, squirrels, woodchucks, muskrats, raccoons, coyotes, black bear, mountain lion, bobcats, wild pigs, skunks, fish-eating birds and prairie dogs are among the 40 species of animals discussed in this book.

Shelley L. Rhodes, M.A., VRT
And Guinevere: Golden Lady Guide Dog
Guide Dogs for the Blind
Alumni Association

The people who burned witches at the stake never for one moment thought of their act as violence;
rather they thought of it as an act of divinely mandated righteousness.
The same can be said of most of the violence we humans have ever committed. -Gil Bailie, author and lecturer (b. 1944)

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