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And the third Betty White book bookshare is missing.  Is up for whomever wishes 
to grab it.

Title:   Betty White In Person
Author(s):   Betty White
Publisher:   DoubleDay
Copyright Date:   1987
Copyrighted By:   Betty White
Brief Synopsis:   Short essays from the classy actress Betty White on a large 
variety of topics.
Long Synopsis:   America loves Betty White! From her early days in television 
with her first show "Life with Elizabeth," to "Password," through her 
years as Sue Ann Nivens on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," and now as Rose on the 
delightful series "The Golden Girls," she has been loved and lauded. Now,
at last, in this wonderful new book, we meet the real Betty White, up close and 
personal. Gathered here are Betty's wit and wisdom, her observations and
intuitions. In these pages, she looks forward and back, and shares all that she 
sees. Somehow, Betty White has learned to take all that life can give,
and has found the best in every smallest part. She recounts for us stories and 
adventures(and misadventures, too!) shared with many of her favorite friends.
We read her warm and open thoughts about sex, grief, hope, friendship, and 
aging, and hear her familiar voice, as she touches upon topics like enthusiasm,
people- watching, imagination, saving things, and believe it or not, things she 
hates! This book is a true gem. In these pages we meet the woman behind
the endearing celebrity - and discover that they are one and the same. For 
years audiences have identified and been attracted to that singular spark of
energy and enthusiasm, that "something" that Betty White brings to every role 
and infuses into each of her marvelous characters. Now, that unique quality
provides inspiration for many more people, as readers laugh, cry, and sigh 
right along with her. 
Comments:   Table of conents needs page numbers for chapters. All pages, text, 
and page numbers are present. The book has been read through, but could use
another read through. I do have the images if any pages need clarification and 
I can request the book again. contact me if you have questions: 
Adult content:   No
Language:   English US 
Book Quality:   EXCELLENT
Categories:   Entertainment, Nonfiction, Biographies and Memoirs 
list end

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