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Your friend can go on barnesandnoble.com and find the books.  A quick look 
found this:

Voodoo Dreams : A Novel of Marie Laveau
Jewell Parker Rhodes

They had over 300 books and I am sure that at least 10 of them referred to 
either voodoo, Marie Leveaux or both.



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  Maybe it would be better to let the savvy searchers here find some book 
titles. This was the request, and I have tried searching for Marie Leveaux and 
I can't find any books about her. It's not a subject with which I am familiar. 
I tried Amazon but I don't really know what I'm looking for, so I suggested she 
try the accesible site at Amazon.

  But if anyone can find titles, that would be really appreciated. Here is the 

  Hey, when someone gets a chance I would love a good book, or 2, about Voodoo 
and also one on Marie Leveaux (also sprlled Leveau
   and she's called the voodoo queen).  Voodun, thre african r;elgion it stems 
from would be a second choice, but I know there are good factual books out 
there on Voodoo, but bookshare doesn't hve any.  No ruish, just a request. 

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