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hey you all,

Anastasia is asking for requests, and you know, I would love to see and
think it might enhance the collection if we got.

For children.

Biographies of artists both musical, movies and the traditional crafts We
have two right now.
Books on art or crafts for kids or to use with kids.  You know a good
descriptive Origami book would be truly cool!

I am looking for.

Books on

animals, particularly the more rare and more common ones that I can't find
stuff on.  Would love stuff, and know would be snatched up on snakes, frogs
and toads, sharks, fish, insects, and dangerous animals.

Books on Ocean travel, life or shipwrecks.

There is one particular book "Keep the Light Burning Abbey" which I would
love to see

Books on crafts for adults, particularly those with good descriptions.

I know I. would love books on Gardening and lot of them are fairly short.

Hoot just came out in movie theaters, is a Newberry Honor Book but we don't
have it on Bookshare.

And I Would really love a Replacement copy of No Place Like Home by Mary
Higgins Clark the one in the collection should be marked fair if it isn't.

Also Remember Me by the same author is a great one.

Shelley L. Rhodes B.S. Ed, CTVI
and Judson, guiding golden
Guide Dogs For the Blind Inc.
Graduate Alumni Association Board

Dog ownership is like a rainbow.
 Puppies are the joy at one end.
 Old dogs are the treasure at the other.
Carolyn Alexander

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