[bksvol-discuss] Book just submitted: Reap the Wild Wind by Julie Czerneda

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For variety while working on the two long non-fiction books that I mentioned in another message, I have cleaned up and read a science fiction book I scanned a while ago. Usually for books I scan, I don't actually read through the whole thing, I just skim looking for typical scannos or anything that looks out of place and stripping out headers. In this case, though, I got caught up in the story and read through the whole book. It is a 478 page book, but actually quite quick reading. A great break from those non-fiction monsters. So, here is a synopsis of the book

Reap the Wild Wind by Julie Czerneda

This book is a prequel to The Trade Pact series already written by the author. The world Cersi is still divided into three races, each maintaining a delicate balance of power with the others based on an ancient Agreement on the places and activities pertaining to each race. The details of the social structure of the Om'ray and their interactions with the other races is particularly striking in this book.The Om'ray seem to be the weaker of the three races with little technology of their own, dependent on the Tikitik and Oud for such things. Yet, they have Powers of mind that the other races do not. This particular book is the story of how the races of Cersi and in particular the Om'ray react to their first contact with an exploration party from beyond their world. Clearly the finely tuned Agreement will be strained, but the upheaval in the lives of the main characters, Aryl, Bern, Enris, their families, their villages and their society is quite unexpected. When I finished this book, I just submitted it right away, so it is first come, first served for proofing.

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