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Hi Lissi,
I agree that we should adopt the Library of Congress classification system for 
the Bookshare collection.  Even with our small library of thirty-five-thousand 
books, it is difficult to find abook in the subject you really want.  When we 
get the collection up to one-hundred-thousand books our current classification 
system will be impossible.
It will also be good training for students to learn the Library of Congress 
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  Dear Jamie,

  The categories you suggested would be more accurately reflective of the vast 
panoply of books in the collection. . I'd love to see categories for holidays, 
humor and hobbies, added.

  A while ago Pratik mentioned using the library of congress categorization 
system. His was a good idea, too. 

  Always with love, 

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    I was going to suggest putting political books under philosophy, but I just 
checked, and that's not a category either.

    A couple of categories (and I know that new categories are probably not 
going to happen, based on the chats I have been listening to) I would like to 
see are:

    Humor (I have been using entertainment)
    Hobbies/Crafts (I have done several knitting books lately and home and 
garden just doesn't quite match)

    Jamie in Michigan 
    Currently Reading - Father and Son by Larry Brown

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