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Hello List:
Just submitted Grave Peril: Book Three Of The Dresden Files.

From Publishers Weekly
Wizard Harry Dresden stars in the third installment of the Dresden Files 
(following Fool Moon), a haunting, fantastical novel that begins almost as 
innocently as those of another famous literary wizard named Harry. In the 
opening scene, Dresden and his knight friend, Michael, battle the ghost of a 
woman who is terrorizing a local hospital's maternity ward. From there, the 
novel quickly evolves into an unorthodox tale spiced with sexual innuendo and 
subtle humor (Dresden carries his ghost-hunting gear in an old Scooby-Doo lunch 
box). Due to the weakened barrier between the spirit world which Butcher refers 
to as "the nevernever" and the actual world, obsessive and violent ghosts are 
on the loose in modern-day Chicago, and they seem to be targeting Dresden and 
Michael. Horny vampires and possessive demons join the mix as Dresden journeys 
into the spirit world to hunt down the villains who are terrorizing him and his 
friends. Butcher narrates Dresden's story in the first person, which limits the 
amount of detail he can inject into the lives of his secondary characters. 
Despite this narrow point of view, Butcher successfully lends human dimensions 
to vampires and spirits through his vivid descriptions and colloquial dialogue. 
(Sept.)Forecast: A vivid cover showing glowing barbed wire wrapped around a 
pair of cemetery gates is misleading as is a cover quote appealing to fans of 
Laurell K. Hamilton and Tanya Huff but it will catch the browser's eye. This 
over-the-top tale is more likely to entertain young adult readers than fans of 
the aforementioned authors.

Jim B


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